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Privacy Statement

Prayers can be a private and deeply personal matter and that may include sensitive information that you would rather not disclose within a public forum. In order for you to make an informed decision on whether to use our platform, we can clarify some details on what we do with the information that you provide to us.

The information that you enter in the following fields of our Prayer Request Form:


  • ‘Name’

  • ‘Prayer Request’ and 

  • ‘Type of Request’ 


Your information will be the only information used and shared on our Prayer Wall. 

We kindly suggest that the information you enter is done so with care and consideration. 


We use your email address to confirm your Prayer Request has been received. Your information and email address are only used for the purposes mentioned above. We do not send promotional material and we do not share your email address and information to any third party.


The ANOP is a trained team of volunteers who manage all Prayer Requests and information with confidentiality. 

Other Information

Your device's IP address is used to identify which state or region you are situated, and this information is available to ANOP and may be used to help us evaluate our platform. 

Your IP address is also part of a standard activity logging process and may also be used for forensic enquiries in the event of a security related matter. 


All Prayer Requests are updated weekly, with no submitted prayer requests republished unless re-entered via the Prayer Request form. This is to ensure that all information on our platform is received and published with consent. We make every reasonable effort to discard all submitted prayer request related information at every Prayer Wall weekly update, maintaining discretion.  

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