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12 Reasons to Pray & 12 Prayers to Pray

12 Reasons to Pray

  1. It encourages others.

  2. It reminds you of spiritual values.

  3. It gives hope.

  4. It helps you feel better.

  5. It allows you to let go of situations.

  6. It provides comfort.

  7. It relaxes you and reduces anxiety.

  8. It builds faith.

  9. It deepens character.

  10. It broadens your perspective

  11. It brings you closer to God.

  12. IT WORKS!

12 Things to Pray

  1. For a growing relationship with God.

  2. For positive relationships with your family members.

  3. For energy and enthusiasm for your work or career.

  4. For wisdom to make right and wise decisions.

  5. For your service to your church and community.

  6. For the special needs of your family and friends.

  7. For the spiritual lives of your church leaders.

  8. For wisdom for our government leaders.

  9. For the moral integrity of today’s young people.

  10. For the safety of those serving in our armed forces.

  11. For a lasting peace among peoples and nations.

  12. For the opportunity to be a blessing to someone today.


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